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What are the key uses for medical cannabis in the cancer care setting? Why and how is medical marijuana still a mystery? How are efforts like the creation of cannabis-infused gourmet food bringing medical uses into the mainstream? What are the potential implications of medical use for criminal justice reform and legalization? Chinazo Cunningham, Professor,
Processing green hemp stalk through our KannaMill Pro Our line of industrial hemp processing machines have been designed for CBD extractors who need to grind fibrous plant stalks into a consistent particle size for maximized extraction of CBD; and for growers who need to quickly and efficiently reduce bulk waste stalks and leaves into smaller, more manageable
More fun with Judge Lynise Bryant. New Camera The new microphone! (Blue Yeti) Merch Judge E. Lynise Bryant, 36th District Court, Ctrm 339 Sovereign Citizens In Court Playlist Sovereign Citizens #6 – Moor Bank Fail intro Song: Xenogenesis Artist: TheFatRat Artist’s channel:… New Jersey vs. Marrakush Society Sovereign Citizens
CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is becoming increasingly popular for use in the treatment of arthritic pain. The surgeons discuss the use of CBD oil. It can be ingested or applied topically. There is little evidence available in the literature regarding efficacy at this point, however, more studies are being performed. The risk of addiction
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Cannabis is rapidly becoming one of the most consumed drugs in Canada. Many report using the drug as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. How exactly do our stress responses change in the presence of cannabis? Does cannabis actually relieve stress? This video considers the stress relieving effects of cannabis as it interacts with
As cannabis becomes more mainstream, it is important to understand how those with bleeding disorders may incorporate it as part of their treatment program. This webinar covers the history and legalization of marijuana, legal implications when using and researching cannabis, and specifics on how to access and use cannabis legally.
In today’s episode I talk about Jacob Hooy CBD oil which I bought from Holland And Barrett Find out how I’m doing after taking it for over a month and the difference it has made to my life Here is a link to the CBD oil I got If you enjoyed today’s episode then
Presenter: Alyssa Reese, MD student at the University at Buffalo This video was submitted as part of the STEM for Everyone initiative hosted by the UB Women in STEM Cooperative (WISC) and UB Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE). Learn more at Abstract: The use of cannabis for the treatment of anxiety and depression
Recorded on December 1st, 2021 as part of the Nutrition and Wellness for Myeloma Chapter in the Myeloma Crowd Community by HealthTree Program with Nirupa J. Raghunathan, MD. The Myeloma Crowd brings information from the experts to the patients! Learn more at HealthTree Cure Hub helps you find your best treatment options and accelerate
Dr. med. Dagmar Zidek (, Neurologin und Vorstand der ARGE CANNA – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als natürliche, nebenwirkungsarme Arznei, spricht über die medizinischen Einsatzgebiete für Cannabis und über die Situation in Österreich. Cannabis kommt bei einer Vielzahl an psychiatrischen und neurologischen Erkrankungen zum Einsatz: Depression, Epilepsien (auch bei Kindern), Spasmen bei Multiple Sklerose oder Querschnittslähmungen oder
Can (and should) marijuana be used as medicine to ease the pain, nausea and loss of appetite associated with cancer? Join Judith Paice, PhD, RN, Director, Cancer Pain Program, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, for this medical discussion, including safety, different types and forms of cannabis. ► This recording is from LivingWell’s medical discussion
Some recent research from UC San Diego finds cannabis can be useful in treating chronic pain and weaning people off of opioids. But doctors are running into barriers when it comes to advancing that research. Kpbs’ Jade Hindmon has more. Read more:
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Immunomodulatory Effects of Cannabis – Michael Roth, MD, Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Inaugural 2017 UCLA Cannabis Research Symposium A historic series of talks from visiting speakers and UCLA faculty about the science of cannabis, cannabinoids, and the endocannnabinoid system, as we work towards the establishment of a world-class cannabis
Michael Oliveri, 25, of Oradell, has been wheelchair-bound since he was 18 due to muscular dystrophy. Years of powerful prescription drugs have left him permanently nauseous, but there is one medication he says helps relieve his pain and gives him an appetite. The only problem is that it’s a federally banned substance — marijuana. Oliveri